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Welcome to the website of the Oxford Mail XC League.

The League is the only XC league in Oxfordshire; it is sponsored by the Oxford Mail. Each season the League organises races at 5 venues, from November through to March (once per month). Read more about the forthcoming events in the diary below. The League is open only to its member clubs; athletes may not enter as individuals.

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24 Nov Venue for Round 2
14 Nov Changes to Management of OxMail XC League
04 Nov Final results for Round 1
02 Nov Provisional results for Round 1
06 Sep First information for 2014-15 season
03 Mar Final results for Round 5 and for Season 2013-14
02 Mar Provisional Results for Round 5
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Su 07 Dec 2014-15 Round 2
Su 04 Jan 2014-15 Round 3
Su 01 Feb 2014-15 Round 4
Su 01 Mar 2014-15 Round 5